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Its been a long week, its Friday night and you have the evening free. What better to do than pop some popcorn, open a bottle of your favorite brew, and settle in to watch a comedy. The most difficult thing about the whole venture is choosing what to watch. Never out of style, and appealing to the funny bone in all of us, comedy classics are sure to please. So throw on your jammies, relax in your apartment, and get prepared to laugh away the evening. To help you out, we have compiled a list of classic comedies to work your way through. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Get ready for a throwback to the psychedelic sixties, via ancient Rome, in this classic comedy. An all-star cast, including the talents of Zero Mostel, and Phil Silvers shows us what happens when a hapless slave must unite his twitter-pated young master with a virgin courtesan before his mistress gets home. McClintock! A western comedy, McClintock! will have you laughing out loud. Watch the sparks fly as McClintock (John Wayne) and his estranged wife, (Maureen OHara) engage in a battle of wills, only coming to a temporary, short-lived truce for their daughters homecoming. Throw in the conflict between the settlers, the Indians, and the townfolk, and you have a recipe for mischief. Definitely and 1960s piece, McClintock! is never-the-less a lot of fun, indeed. Its a Mad, Mad, Mad World What do you get when you throw a dozen of Hollywoods leading comics together? What producer/director claimed would be the comedy that would end all comedies. And, his comedy certainly has endured. Released in 1963, this comedic race to find the fortune buried under the big W will have you giggling, turn-by-comedic turn. And for some of todays best comedies, check out this list. And next time, schedule the big screen in the clubhouse and invite our friends. Drop a line in comments and tell us what your favorite classic comedy is today.