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Adding Heirlooms to Your Apartment Decor

We all have them, boxes that we lug around from place to place, but never unpack. And perhaps, in one of those boxes, you have carefully packed family heirlooms treasured bits and pieces from yesterday, that are safely cocooned away. And while they may be safe, consider the pleasure they could bring if they were displayed in your apartment to be enjoyed by all. Heirlooms can bring a unique touch to your decorating theme. Who else do you know who has a 1930s era fishermans creel? Or what about those old-time family photographs? The black and white and sepia toned hues can be used to create a striking visual focus for one of your walls. Do you have your grandmothers cookie jar? Pull it out, clean it out, and fill it with cookies, and create fond memories for a new generation. Did your grandfather smoke a pipe? Or have a favorite coffee mug youve inherited. A small shelf would be the perfect place to display the items. Did your grandmother do handwork? Display a collection of small items together in a shadow box, using tatting or a crochet doily in the background. Do you have boxes of old photographs with interesting views, people, experiences, but nobody wrote on the back, so you dont really know who they are, but you cant quite bring yourself to throw them out? Scan them and create a picture book for your coffee table. Mixbook, Heritage Makers, and Snapfish all offer programs to create photo books. Do you have a collection of programs and ticket stubs? A mason jar or shadow box makes an interesting place to display them. Shadow boxes also make a great way to display scout or military insignia and awards. Display your great-grandmothers handmade quilt on the wall or fold it over a quilt stand. And each day they spend out of a dusty box, the closer you can become to the people whose lives paved the way for you to become the person you are today. Please feel free to share a picture of something you inherited in the comments.