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Can I Stay with You Hosting Overnight Guests

The phone rings and its your sisters husbands cousin calling to say hes going to be in town, and asking if you can put him up for a few days. Of course you are willing to have him stay, but you dont have a dedicated guest room, so what is the best way to make use of the space in your home? Weve gathered some tips for making guests comfortable whether they are just here overnight, or are staying for the week. Make sure they feel welcome. Something as simple as having fresh flowers out sends an Im happy to see you! Welcome to my home, sort of message. Other welcoming touches are to include a basket with mints, snacks, the wifi password, a charging bar (or a power strip), a magazine, a flashlight, a business card with your contact information, and schedules for public transit (if its likely to be used). Provide the most comfortable bed you are able to. A good rule of thumb (if you dont have a second bed available) is to offer your bed, with clean linen of course, to your guests if they are older than you. And you sleep on the air mattress or fold out bed. Other bed options include a camping cot, a foam pad, or sleeping on a futon, a sleeper sofa, or a daybed if you have room. Lay out extra blankets and a fan if its hot. Clear out some space for your guest, a shelf, a drawer, a cubby, or even a suitcase rack like they have in hotel rooms, also provide a few hangers and a place to hang clothes up. (An over the door hook makes a good place to hang a few items of clothing.) Mention house rules in passing, or include them in your welcome basket. Note such things as quiet time, breakfast time, no smoking in the house, bathroom schedule (indicate the time span the bathroom will be free and make sure the door can be locked) etc. having these things clarified up front prevents miscommunication and awkward conversations. Provide a variety of easy to fix breakfast and lunch foods. Bagels, muffins, and danishes are easy to grab and go. Instant oatmeal, cold cereal, toast, and yogurt all make easy choices. Create a make-it-yourself sandwich option for lunch. Relax and enjoy your houseguest. Being cozy for a few days is typically worth the slight inconvenience it may cause. Take a few minutes and share your favorite tips for having overnight guests in the comments.