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Checking In to Work Out

Youve got a great fitness center on site, but have you been there since you toured the place before moving in? (If you are a regular user, kudos to you; invite a neighbor to work out with you, soon.) Todays blog will focus on ways to take advantage of having a fitness center on site. Most of us have been there on the merry-go-round of getting all excited to work out, sticking to it for a few weeks, and then easing off in week three, and by week four we may guiltily think, I should work out as we drive past the fitness center on our way home. So here are some tips to get that first month under your belt, and get over that hump that derails so many of us, and on to a lifetime of healthy living. There are dozens of sites on the web, with workout routines. Here is one from Muscle & Fitness to get you started. The key thing is to create a workout that is demanding, but not so much that you burn out in the first two weeks. Slow but steady progress is what were looking for here; building both body and the habit of working out. When do you work out? As with most things, planning a consistent time is key to accomplishing the goal. Are you a morning person? Perhaps first thing in the morning is the best time to get a workout in before your time gets consumed with other projects. Do you work from home? How about hitting the fitness center for a mid-day break? Need to unwind before bed? A workout may be just the thing to work out the days kinks and stress at the end of the day. Now youve got a place, and a time. What do you wear? Comfortable clothes my friend; comfort is key. Youre going to be sweating, wear something absorbent, and a good pair of shoes, that will give you the proper support (you dont need a twisted ankle, right?). A quick online search yielded dozens of websites devoted to fitness wear. Another thing to consider is having a workout buddy. Whether its your partner, spouse, child, or a neighbor; having someone to work out with helps. Having someone to be accountable to can give you the motivation to get up and at em when the alarm clock goes off at odark-thirty. And when you just want to snuggle with your dog and a cup of tea, knowing that your neighbor is expecting to see you at the fitness center in fifteen minutes may just get you out the door. Keep track of how often you are exercising, and if you are staying with your schedule. If you are missing multiple days, perhaps you need to tweak your timeframe. And, track your journey, so you can see how far youve come! This page has a review of the Best Fitness Trackers of 2015 And this is a popular site for tracking fitness and food. And of course music. The beat of the music helps to keep us on task, moving in rhythm to the music. And, while we are focusing on our bodies, we can enjoy our favorite tunes. What is your favorite workout music? Its great to look back and find joy in the journey of becoming a healthier you. Leave a comment and let us know what you did to be more healthy this month.