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Decorating with Leaves

Decorating with Leaves

At Willow Hill, we’re excited for all the food associated with Thanksgiving. We’re also excited for decorations! Today we’re highlighting a few leaf crafts to bring the fall season into your Puyallup, WA apartment. Join us in these last few weeks of fall to fill your apartment with some of these stunning and clever crafts.


The first craft that we love is this Watercolor Paper Leaf & Branch Mobile by Happiness is Homemade. You’ll need paper, scissors, and watercolor paints. Happiness is Homemade uses a cutting and embossing machine, but this is not necessary for this craft.


These DIY Leaf Pillow Cases require paint (black or another color) and leaves. Although the web page is in German, words aren’t needed to explain the process.


Are you throwing a party this month? Dress up with these DIY Leaf Crowns and Animal Masks! To make this work, you’ll need fresh leaves, a brown paper bag, black and white markers, double-sided tape, and scissors.


Pressing Autumn Leaves is a fun hobby that creates art perfect for fall. Hang up your mounted pieces today! Or check out these other ideas for decorating with pressed leaves.


Of all the decor ideas in today’s post, this Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder is our favorite! You’ll need the following items: Mason jars, Mod Podge, autumn faux leaves, a sponge brush, and a tealight candle. Start by cleaning the outside of the jar with rubbing alcohol. Bend the leaves a little to gain a better stick. Then dip your brush in the Mod Podge and paint a thin layer on a section inside the jar. Take a leaf and press the middle of it against the painted surface. You can use your fingers to smooth out the leaf to help it stick better. Add more Mod Podge and repeat until the jar is covered how you want it. After the Mod Podge is dry, place the tealight inside.


What are your favorite fall decorations? Share in the comments. Thanks for reading!