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Dos and Donts of Cleaning Stainless Steel

Your stainless steel appliances give your home a sleek and polished appearance, especially when theyre sparkling clean! However, smudges and fingerprints often accumulate quickly, taking away some of the sophistication you expect from this beautiful finish. There are plenty of people with all sorts of solutions for your stainless steel sadness, but weve noticed that quite a few of these miracle cleaners dont quite do what they say they will. We have for you what NOT to do when cleaning your appliances, and a few tips on what is safe. DONT 1. Do NOT use anything abrasive, such as steel wool or scrubber sponges. These may scratch the finish. 2. Never rub the steel in a circular motion or against the grain. Always clean stainless steel with the grain. 3. Never use chlorine bleach on stainless steel. It ruins the finish and can corrode the steel. 4. Do not allow residue (cleaning products or otherwise) to sit on the surface of your appliances. Grime, dirt, and cleaning products should be removed as soon as possible. 5. Do not use furniture polish. Any drips on the fridge will be seen and the appliance will have to be coated with the polish again. 6. Avoid baby oil. While it may create a sleek shine, is also susceptible to drips from other liquids. 7. Think twice before using olive oil. It may give your appliances a temporary shine, but it can quickly turn to a greasy residue with just as many fingerprints as before. DO 1. Buy a microfiber cloth. It is gentle enough to avoid ruining the finish, but will also effectively banish streaks and smudges! 2. Use cleaning vinegar. Common vinegar works as well, but takes more elbow grease to remove stains. Cleaning vinegar can be found in many major stores and wont damage your stainless steel. 3. Buy a trusted brand of stainless steel cleaner. There are several brands of cleaning products made specifically for stainless steel, and often its best to go with the professionals! We think this list is pretty comprehensive, but would you add anything else?