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Fun Things to do with Food Coloring

Willow Hill Blog, Puyallup, WA  From silly marshmallow faces to rainbow rice krispies, feel like a kid with these fun food coloring tips.

We love to use food coloring on different things. It’s fun, there are endless things you can do, and it feels like being a little kid. Willow Hill is sharing a few of our favorite things you can do with food coloring. If you’re looking for a fun time, or need something to brighten up a gloomy Washington day here in Puyallup, then head into your apartment’s kitchen and grab some food coloring.


These funny marshmallow faces are adorable! While there aren’t any instructions on the page, it looks quite simple. Dip a Q-tip cotton swab, pointed brush, or toothpick into some food coloring and then draw away. If you want to give your little marshmallow creations hair, mix food coloring with this simple vanilla buttercream frosting recipe.


You can also make a Surprise Inside Cake. While this project takes a good amount of time to finish, the end product is simply stunning.


Rainbow Rice Krispies extremely fun to make and look a!, There’s nothing quite like biting into seven colorful layers of sweet marshmallow goodness. Perfect for a party, a gathering, or just an afternoon snack, these treats will catch everyone’s attention — especially the kids, if you have any!


Speaking of kids, mixing a few drops of food coloring with a cup of shaving cream creates the perfect bath-time “paint” that washes off the walls easily and is sure to leave a good and memorable time. We won’t judge if you want to do this for yourself, too.


And when the weather warms up, you can make these delicious-looking Double Rainbow Quick Pops. You’ll need limeade, white grape juice with red food coloring, orange juice, white grape juice with green food coloring, pineapple juice, and white grape juice with blue food coloring.


Let us know if you’re planning on trying any of these out. Thank you for reading our post. We hope you enjoy a colorful week in your Puyallup, WA apartment.