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Getting the Most Out of the Playground

One of the best place for kids to enjoy is the playground; knowing something about Playground Etiquette will help create better community relations for everyone. Tip # 1 Keep an Eye On Your Children Its something that should go without saying, but we all know that one parent or caregiver, the one who reaches the playground with the kids, and immediately sits down on the bench and proceeds to be glued to her/her phone, oblivious to the kids who are monopolizing the swings. Please, be aware and keep track of what your kids are doing. Kids, especially young ones, need constant supervision. Take time to join them in their play. Tip #2 Let Everybody Have a Turn We know little Johnnie loves to swing. But if a line is forming, waiting for a chance to use the swings, too, thats a good indication that you need to finish soon. Give your child a couple of minutes warning that you are going to play on something else soon, and use the situation as an opportunity to teach the child about sharing. Tip #3 Clean Up after Yourself Its happened to everyone who uses playgrounds, coming across that sticky spot, stepping on a piece of chewed gum, or trying to find a picnic table to sit at that doesnt have bits of trash from a meal still there. Simply taking the time to throw trash in the can, and wipe up sticky spills (or report larger ones to maintenance) will make the playground more pleasant for everyone. Tip #4 Be Prepared Making & taking a playground pack, including tissues, wet-wipes, band-aids, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a plastic bag can help you avoid the little emergencies that can happen at the playground. Scraped knee? A quick wipe down, a bandaid, and a kiss, will get a kid back to the slide in no-time. And if you have sunscreen and/or insect repellent, you wont have to cut your visit short. Tip #5 Be Courteous When you are asking another parent or a child for cooperation, you DONT want to get involved in a screaming match. So, rather than telling another parent to make their annoying child stop his annoying behavior, gently suggest to the child, an appropriate behavior he can do. For example, My daughter would like to use the slide, too, and if you dont move, you may get hurt when she slides down. Rather than Get off the slide, now! The old saying, you get more friends with honey than vinegar applies to this situation. Playgrounds are awesome places to get outside, let kids get some exercise, and to socialize and get to know your neighbors.