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Getting to Know You How to Meet Your Neighbors

If you are like most Americans, you are more likely to be able to identify your neighbors car than know their first name. The majority of Americans, by nature are busy people. What with work, children, parents, committees, etc. many of us dont take time to meet our neighbors, let alone interact with them. Studies have shown that there is a link between getting to know and trust our neighbors and our health. There are advantages both physically and emotionally in knowing our neighbors. So what are some ways to get to know your neighbors? Here are a few ideas. Host a Block Party Use the clubhouse or commons area of your community. Perhaps you could invite the people on your floor or in your building. Start with the people you know and divide and conquer food & drink, activities, and promotions. Utilize bulletin boards (physical and electronic), plan some games that generate conversation and getting to know each other. Ask Your Neighbor Questions Whether it is asking for a restaurant recommendation, where the library is, or how to access the onsite fitness room, asking your neighbor a question opens up communication and the opportunity to get to know each other. And its easy, simply knock on the door and then ask. Utilize the Services in Your Neighborhood Chances are some of your neighbors go to the same grocery store, quick stop, or dry-cleaners as you do. When you see them there, take a minute or two to chat, and establish a connection. Perhaps make a concrete plan to get together for coffee or plan a playdate for your kids. Coordinate a Group Bringing together a group of people doing a shared activity is a great way to meet the people in your community, and enjoy a hobby at the same time. So start a running group, an exercise group, a book club, a recipe exchange group, etc. (And check to see if a group already exists and join up.) Take a Gift to Your Neighbor A loaf of bread, a plate of cookies, a container of fresh fruit, flowers, tickets to the theater all are simple, easy ways to say hello, nice to meet you, see you again, get to know you. And who knows, simple gifts could lead to a life-long friendship. Take a Walk Simply taking a walk in your community and greeting the people you meet along the way is a good way to open up communication. Who knows you may inadvertently begin a walking group! Comment and let us know how you got to know your neighbor.