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Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Be Using

Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Be Using

Sometimes it takes too long to reach for the mouse and click a button on the computer screen. So today, Willow Hill Blog is sharing a few computer tips so that your hands can stay on the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts are great ways to save time. They make using the computer easier and more efficient. We’ve compiled a few keyboard shortcuts that will save you time. Whether you’re using your laptop in your apartment, or a computer at the library in Puyallup, WA, these shortcuts will help! Please note that we are focusing on keyboard shortcuts for PCs in this week’s post. If you use a Mac, check out these 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts .


Control + Shift + T

While you’re probably familiar with holding down the control and T keys on a keyboard (while using a web browser, this shortcut opens up a new window or tab). Have you ever accidentally closed out of a tab? To reopen your most recently used tab, press and hold the control, shift, and T keys. You can keep using this shortcut to reopen multiple tabs that have been closed.


ALT + Left Arrow (or Right Arrow)

Instead of clicking the back button in the web browser, why not tap a few keys? Holding down the ALT key, you can navigate back and forwards through previously viewed web pages by tapping the Left and Right Arrow keys.


Control + Backspace

Continuously pressing the backspace button can get frustrating. To delete full words instead of individual letters, use this shortcut.


Windows + Left Arrow (or Right, Up, and Down Arrow Keys)

Did you know that you can snap your current window to a certain side of the screen? This keyboard shortcut is extremely useful, especially if you are alternating between multiple windows. It’s pretty straightforward, just press and hold the Windows key (found in the bottom left of the keyboard, or to the right of the ALT key that is to the right of the Space Bar). Then, press one of the arrows. Pressing the right arrow will snap the screen to the right, left to the left, and up to maximize. Try it out!



This function key, found at the top of the keyboard, is an alternative to the popular keyboard shortcut Control + F. You’re probably familiar with this function, meant to be a quick way to find words on a screen; this is especially useful if there are a lot of words on the web browser’s current window. Simply, press F3 (or Control and F) and then type in a word or phrase that you are searching for. The box that appears will let you know how many times those words are repeated on the page, and it will help you navigate to them smoothly.


Those are just a few keyboard shortcuts that we hope you find useful. Let us know what shortcut you use most often when on the computer. Thanks for reading our post!