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Making Homemade Pizza Step Two, The Toppings

In our last post, we focused on what youd need to make both a quick and more high-quality dough. And now that weve gotten that out of the way, we can supply you with a few of our favorite mouth-watering homemade pizza recipes. We hope you can soon enjoy a piping hot homemade pie coming out of the oven and onto your plate. Tomato + Basil Margherita Simple and classic holds up good. And its hard to go wrong with so few ingredients. All youll need is one twelve-inch round of pizza dough, homemade tomato sauce, a couple of ounces of fresh mozzarella, and a good amount of roughly torn fresh basil leaves for this recipe. Once the dough is done, this should only take you about ten to fifteen minutes to make. Wed also recommend adding some fresh sea salt on top for the finishing touch. Sausage + Olives Italian sausage and briny green and dark black olives on top of a grilled pizza is kind of a no-brainer. And mixing that in with shredded mozzarella and fresh rosemary leaves is the perfect way to bring it all together. Whether youre grilling this beauty on a cast-iron skillet, or in the oven on a pizza stone, you wont want to miss out on this. You can find what youll needalong with the directionsover here. Clam Bacon Chard The only conceivable way to make bacon any better is to bring in a fresh helping of northwestern clams. With the complementary taste of swiss chard, savory thick-cut bacon, garlic, and a dash of white wine vinegar, this forty-minute wonder is a match made in heaven. Just remember to swap out the canned clams for ones you buy at the store and steam up yourself. You can find the recipe for this delicious pizza here.