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Oktoberfest Themed Recipes That Are Perfect All Year Long

German food is known for being hearty and delicious. And while it gets its own celebration each year with annual Oktoberfest Recipes all around the globe, theres no reason that you cant enjoy some tasty German fare any time of year. Heres some of our favorite recipes to get you started. Oktoberfest Recipes Beer Braised Cabbage Pairing perfectly with other standard recipes like spaetzle, this tangy and smoky dish finds its character in the added apple slices and thick-cut bacon. With just a bit of brown or amber ale, fresh green cabbage, grilled onions, and apple cider vinegar, this is an easy dish. And itll take you just forty-five minutes in total to make. You can find the recipe and short list of ingredients in full over here. Bavarian Pretzels Theres not much that goes better with your favorite fall ale or lager than a traditional soft pretzel. And because they only take about thirty-five minutes to make, theres not that much holding you back from making that a reality. With the right amounts of flour, baking soda, active yeast, and coarse sea salt, youll have enough for six servings. The recipe and step-by-step can be found over here. Bavarian Lentil Soup Onions, sweet leeks, lentils, carrots, yellow potatoes, and bacon all work together to bring this chilly weather cure-all together in a memorable way. Though this dish will take about an hour to make, its a cheap dish thats worth the patience as it simmers away. With a little sautee skills, you can easily get this dish started and have enough time to finish the cabbage and pretzels by dinner time. Youll find the recipe to this one over here.