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Picnics in the Park

Willow Hill Blog, Puyallup, WA Apartments  Eating in your apartment is great, but plan a picnic at the park! With the weather warming up, what could be better?

April is the perfect time of year for a picnic in the park because we’re starting to enjoy that warmer weather as the summer season approaches. Take some time to carve out an afternoon or evening at a local Puyallup, WA area park and enjoy eating in the open air. Our Willow Hill Blog has some tips on what to eat for a picnic near or far from your apartment.


A picnic can be as simple as picking up a loaf of French bread, a package of sliced cheese, a cluster of grapes, and your favorite beverage at the grocery store on your way home — no utensils needed. There is something rather fun and freeing about ripping chunks of bread directly off the loaf, after all.


On the other hand, spending some time in your fabulous apartment kitchen to make a delicious, old-fashioned, satisfying meal of fried chicken, potato salad, fruit, and dinner rolls is a great way to welcome in the warmer months. These foods can be packed up and taken to the park for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to take a chocolate cake for dessert. We found recipes for fried chicken, potato salad, and chocolate cake on the Cutestuff Cooks blog.


Another take on picnic fare is the brown bag staple of sandwiches, chips, veggies, fruit, and a dessert of some sort. For a change from the ham and swiss on rye, give these picnic sandwich ideas from Martha Stewart a once-over.


Don’t forget the paper plates, utensils, cups, and a tablecloth! Once the food is planned, the next step is deciding where to go. If you don’t have time to prepare a picnic, simply stop at your favorite deli and pick up food to take to the park. The point is to eat outdoors and enjoy time with friends and family.


Head out soon and enjoy a picnic at a local park. Where is your favorite place to picnic? Share in the comments below.