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Starting a Fish Tank in Your Puyallup Apartment

Fish can be a great addition to your Willow Hill, Puyallup apartments. Taking care of fish is relatively simple, and a well-kept tank can make a great conversation starter. If youre looking at buying some fish to add to your apartment you may be wondering what the best way to take care of them is. The most common question generally is whether or not you should use a freshwater aquarium or a saltwater aquarium. There are many differences between a saltwater and freshwater aquarium. People generally argue that freshwater aquariums are better for beginners, while saltwater aquariums are better for fish experts. This is a common misconception, taking care of a saltwater aquarium is not necessarily harder than a freshwater container, in fact, some freshwater aquariums can be harder to maintain than their saltwater counterparts. One of the big differences between these two aquariums is the lighting that is required. For saltwater aquariums you will need stronger lighting, generally from a source such as metal halide bulbs. This lighting however is not always required. Power compact lighting often works for saltwater tanks as well. In Freshwater tanks, you can get away with compact fluorescent lighting, which gives you more freedom over your lighting choices. It also gives the tank a brighter color which draws attention. Another advantage to saltwater tanks is the variety of fish that you may keep in them. Saltwater tanks allow you to add things such as corals that really liven up the environment and keep things interesting. Freshwater does not give you as many options, however, you still have a few unique additions that you can place in freshwater such as snails or dwarf frogs. Overall it doesnt matter what kind of tank you choose. Take a look at the fish that you can have in freshwater, and the fish that you can have in sea water. Choose what kind of environment you would like to create in your apartment in Puyallup, then deciding on the fish tank will be easier.