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Tennis Ball Massages

Willow Hill Blog, Puyallup, WA  You're invited to relax your muscles by trying these different massages made possible by using a tennis ball.

At the Willow Hill Apartments, we encourage a healthy lifestyle. When it’s warm, it’s easy to stay active — spend time at our playground, play on the tennis court... But the cold weather can make staying active difficult. Today on our blog, we’re sharing a few indoor massages that you can perform using a tennis ball. You might not be getting out on the court in Puyallup, WA anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of owning a tennis ball.


Foot Massage

Had a long day on your feet? This is the perfect way to refresh your tired muscles. Simply place one or more tennis balls on the floor. Take off your shoes and place one foot on the tennis balls, slowly transferring your body weight as you massage the surface of your foot. Just be sure to be careful that you don’t trip!


Upper Back Massage

Sitting for extended periods of time can cause your neck and upper back to tighten. A great solution is to place a tennis ball on the floor. Lie on top of it so that it’s just under the upper-back area. Then move around. You’ll likely find trigger points which cause some pain. If you find one, stay on it and breathe deeply. The pain will soon go away. Then continue until you find another one.


Neck Massage

This is a simple one. When lying down, place two tennis balls into a sock and put it high up on your neck so that one ball is on each side of your spine. As you close your eyes, breathe deeply for five to ten minutes. You’ll be surprised how well your mind refreshes.


Side Shoulder Massage

Place a tennis ball between your shoulder and a wall, and then move your shoulder up and down. This simple practice is a great way to loosen up any tight pains you might feel on your shoulders.


What massages do you enjoy in your apartment? Comment below and let us know if any of these worked for you!