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Top 3 Signs that You Need Reading Glasses

Top 3 Signs that You Need Reading Glasses

Today, Willow Hill Blog is sharing the top three signs that you need reading glasses. Unlike regular eyeglasses that are for everyday jobs or watching movies, reading glasses provide support when you need to see or work with things up close. Luckily, the signs that you need reading glasses are easier to spot than you might think. Avoiding these signs may cause strain on your eyes, headaches, and other variables that can be avoided. Taking care of your eyes goes a long way, helping you relax inside and outside of your apartment in Puyallup, Washington.


Frequent Headaches

One of the earliest signs that you need reading glasses is frequent headaches. Not seeing clearly can cause a lot of strain on the eyes, which can result in headaches and even fatigue. Change in vision usually happens slowly and imperceptibly. If any change in your vision has happened, your eyes may start to strain when you try to read or look at something up close.


Tired Arms

Who knew that reading a book could give your arms such a workout? It might come as a surprise to you, but the way you hold your book while reading can be a big indicator that you need reading glasses. Think about your answers to these questions. When reading, are you holding the book twelve inches or less from your face? Do you have a hard time reading books up close and have to extend your arm in order to see them better? When looking at a computer screen, do you push back the monitor to see more clearly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need reading glasses or some type of corrective lens.



Eye fatigue is a big indicator that you need reading glasses. If you aren’t quite positive if what you are experiencing is related to eye fatigue, one of the best things you can do is monitor it. Try adjusting the lighting on your phone. This will reduce glare and can help take the strain off your eyes. Also, a good practice for when looking at the computer for extended periods of time is to take routine breaks. Starting with every twenty minutes, look away from the computer and blink slowly. This is a great practice whether or not you need reading glasses, as it can help to rewet your eyes, thus reducing eye strain and fatigue.


It’s very common to need reading glasses. We hope to help you by sharing some of the early signs. If you think you might need a pair or are just curious, we recommend visiting an eye doctor today. Taking care of your eyes can add some great rewards to living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Thanks for reading today’s post!