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Top 5 Gingerbread Dessert Recipes

Top 5 Gingerbread Dessert Recipes

No December Willow Hill Blog would be complete without a post containing delicious recipes. This year, we decided to pick our top 5 favorite gingerbread dessert recipes. Bring back the magical flavors of gingerbread, molasses, chocolate, pumpkin, and more with these awesome winter bakes this holiday season. Winter never tasted so good in your Puyallup, Washington apartment, until now.


Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

These ultra chewy cookies are infused with the festive flavors of the holidays. Enjoy sinking your teeth into winter’s favorite cookie, only this time it has been upgraded with a generous amount of chocolate. Who knew that chocolate and gingerbread pair so well together, making this the first recipe on our list for top 5 gingerbread desserts.


Gingerbread & Pumpkin Cream Trifle

Stack layers of gingerbread, vanilla pudding, pumpkin, and other great flavors! Not only does this make our top 5 list for favorite gingerbread recipes of the season, it’s also featured in Taste of Home’s “5-Ingredient Fall Recipes” list. Want to make something that doesn’t take a lot of time to put together and requires only 5 ingredients? This one is definitely worth looking at!


Chocolate Gingerbread Cupcakes

Of the recipe, Patricia Harmon from Baden, Pennsylvania said, “These luscious cupcakes have a touch of semisweet chocolate in the batter and white chocolate in the filling. They melt away fast at our house.” You’ll need cream cheese, white baking chips, vanilla extract, salt, confectioners’ sugar, and marshmallow cream. Sounds delicious!


Gingerbread Surprise Beignets with Spiced Mocha Hot Chocolate

“If you plan on making these (which of course you really should), may I suggest you make them on the snowiest day possible? I know not all of you live in snowy locations, but if you do, wait for the snow. Snow makes desserts like this just magical. You can eat a beignet (or two or three) and slowly enjoy a giant mug of hot chocolate all while sitting by the fire with the tree lit up and music playing.”


Soft and Chewy Gingerbread Molasses Chocolate Chip Bars

As the year reaches its end, it’s time to say goodbye to pumpkin and hello to the perfect pairing of gingerbread and molasses. These Instagram-worthy bars are dense like molasses fudge with the addition of melty chocolate chips. We’re almost drooling just thinking about them.


And for breakfast… try this delicious looking Overnight Gingerbread French Toast Breakfast Bake.


Do you have a favorite gingerbread recipe that you think could top our list? Share it in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!