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What To Do Without T-4-2

You might have noticed something different about the local tea supplier T-4-2 as of late. The store, just a few miles north of Willow Hill Apartments in Puyallup, WA, was sold in September to a husband and wife team who have spent the last several weeks revamping the buildings interior. The new store, Cosmopolitan Tea and Café, opened two weeks ago and offers a selection of tea and espresso as well as some light dishes for lunch. They have a wide variety of loose teas available by the ounce. Their cozy environment is great for a quick business lunch or cup of afternoon tea. Another local source for tea is British Bites, formerly known as British Aisle. The owners re-named the store and moved into a larger building this September in order to better meet the needs of their customers. At the new location you will find an assortment of British style foods including crisps, biscuits and British chocolates along with other imported British goods. The best part about British Bites is the selection of fresh, authentic pastries! From macaroons to shortbread, you really cant go wrong! If you are just in the market for loose tea, both British Bites and Cosmopolitan Tea and Café have large selections to choose from; the food is really where they differ. If you want authentic British style dishes and pastries British Bites is the obvious choice. If you want a more modern, lunch café experience I suggest Cosmopolitan Tea and Café. Now that youre all stocked up on tea you can curl up in your Puyallup, WA, apartment and wait for this whole winter thing to pass. A little Earl Grey is all you really need to get through the coming cold months.