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Alternatives to Painting Your Apartment in Tacoma

So you want to mix things up in your Willow Hill apartment but dont know how? Many people feel like there is nothing they can do if painting the walls isnt an option. While painting the walls is a good way to change the look of your JBLM Housing, it is far from the easiest. Furthermore, very few apartment communities allow this level of change to their property. Well, dont worry because there are a number of inexpensive alternatives to painting that wont permanently damage your apartment. One option is to use large canvases to cover the walls. This can get pricey depending on the size of canvas but it provides an incredible look. Geometric patterns or minimalist designs work well if you are starting with a blank canvas or you can buy a piece from a store like Ikea. An alternative to this idea is to cover an entire wall in picture frames and mirrors. They dont all have to have pictures in them either. In fact, many people choose empty frames on purpose because they like the look. This has a similar effect to the canvases but can be done much cheaper. A unique idea Ive seen on design sites lately is to cover a wall, or section of a wall, with doilies. Starting from the bottom and moving left to right, use painters tape to secure doilies to the wall. Work your way up, row by row, until you reach the top. Secure the top row with clear thumbtacks and you are good to go. Bonus style points are available if you add color by spray painting the doilies before hanging. Another idea for the crafty individuals among us is to tape colored streamers to the wall vertically. The lines created by the streamers are visually appealing and give the place an open feel. Because of the potential for very bold color schemes, I recommend using this technique only for smaller accent walls. One of the cooler alternatives I have seen to painting involves attaching fabric to the wall using starch and a paint roller! You can choose any fabric you want, just so long as it is relatively lightweight (sorry Denim Dan, I dont know that youll be able to cover the wall in your old Wranglers). By following these instructions you will have a stylish and unique living room in no time! If you dont like any of these options there are still things you can do. A quick internet search for Wall Decals pulls up a huge selection of retailers offering a truly incredible product. These wall decals are made from vinyl and can be put up or taken down in minutes. Furthermore, many retailers are able to create decals from pictures YOU submit! Thats right, you could look out at the Cancun beach you went to on your honeymoon every day, and see it at actual size from your living room! You can also choose from cheaper, simpler designs if you want something a little less in your face. These are great for making a bold statement with your décor without losing your deposit. With all this in mind, I hope I have helped you find a way to cover your walls in a unique way that wont get you in trouble with the property manager. Who cares that you cant paint the walls of your apartment near Pierce College? With options like the ones Ive listed above youll have your place looking fresh in no time, and at a fraction of the cost!